Tanya Carroll, Principal & Head of Client Experience

Tanya Carroll, Principal & Head of Client Experience

Tanya is a business savvy, results-driven Human Resources Expert, Certified Leadership Coach, and Collaborative Business Partner who has thrived in fast paced, unpredictable and rapidly-changing work environments for over 20 years.

Through innovative and cost-effective ‘people’ strategies, she’s built an unparalleled blend of experience supporting growth-stage companies in several industries in hitting their revenue targets. (Including 2 IPOs)

In addition to her HR expertise, she’s worked alongside legal counsel to negotiate several collective bargaining agreements as a labor relations expert, and coached some of the most influential founders and executives through both rapid growth and challenging reductions in force.

Whether you’re a growing small business, or a VC Backed startup company that needs HR support, Tanya has probably done it!

When she’s not working with her clients, you will most likely find her outdoors. She loves hiking, gardening, and you may see her flying above your head on a trapeze at a class near you.