What We Do

We help fast growing businesses to scale quickly and sustainably by
providing quick, innovative and practical HR support

HR for Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneurs

Why We Exist

Our Vision

Our vision is to support 10,000 entrepreneurs to positively disrupt the world.

We get it. We know that “Human Resources,” doesn’t exactly conjure up exciting images of business growth and entrepreneurship.

Ok let’s face it. No one really likes HR (except maybe HR people)

This is exactly why we started HR Kickstart.

HR isn’t our first love either. You know what we love?

Business Growth and People.

We are entrepreneurs who love to support other entrepreneurs.

So why do we run an HR company?

Well, here’s what we know…

You Can’t Scale Your Company without great people, great systems, and great culture

That’s where we come in!

Too often, entrepreneurs view Human Resources as a “necessary evil,” and will invest in every possible thing they can BEFORE hiring HR help.


Because HR is not seen as an ‘investment,’ it’s seen as an ‘expense’

We want to change that, one business at a time.

Quite simply, HR Kickstart is a business growth consulting firm that uses innovative and cost-effective strategies to make sure your business attracts, develops and retains its most valuable asset. The people!



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Schedule your 30 minute strategy session and

let’s see how we can help you GROW!

Schedule your 30 minute strategy session and
let’s see how we can help you GROW!

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Tanya Carroll
Principal & Head of Client Experience

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Principal & Head of Business Development